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How Do I Order a Custom Portrait?

1. Start by filling out an order form here:

All you'll need are your reference photos to upload.  It does not have to be all in one photo, I can take certain components from each one and combine them into the drawing! You just tell me exactly what you would like

2. You will receive an invoice and email from shortly to confirm your order. Payment is due at time of order. 


3. Within 5-7 days, you will receive a rough draft of your sketch.  This is an outline of the artwork, which means any details (lace, beading, bouquet, etc) will be simplified, just to give a general idea. 

Those details will be fully rendered at the final sketch.

4. This is your chance to review the draft and make any changes you would like. 

Once the draft is approved, finish the final drawing within 5 days.


5. I will ship your 11x14 framed portrait to the address you provided or we will set up a pickup on Long Island!  

Please do not hesitate to e-mail any questions to Erin at!

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