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Live Guest Portraits

Bring the gift of Devine Brides to your wedding or event with the interactive experience of live guest portraits!  Live guest portraits offer a unique and interactive entertainment experience for weddings and events. l draw custom portraits of your guests in real time, creating a fun and memorable experience. Your guests will be able to take home their own personal portrait, making it a perfect keepsake.

Standard 2023/2024 Package
  • 60 guests receive a portrait

  • 4 hours on-site at your event

  • Refined newlywed portrait

  • Long Island + Queens + Brooklyn

$2000 | 50% deposit


  • +1 extra hour on-site for portraits of 70 guests (+$500)

  • Mileage/travel fees beyond Long Island + Queens/Brooklyn

  • Additional guest portraits - discounted quotes available for larger weddings

Please note, Devine Brides Inc. is a licensed and fully insured business, therefore all products and services are subject to NYS sales tax.

Live Artist Availability Inquiry
Please check off any extras that may pertain to you:
  • How many portraits do you complete?
    I can illustrate roughly 8-10 people in one hour. I guarantee a total of 60 guests to be illustrated, with a portion completed after the event and mailed to them within 7 days of your wedding. On average, about 30-40 guests will receive their portraits the same night. I handle the shipping for any guest portrait not completed at the event.
  • What if I have a huge wedding?
    Please keep in mind, not everyone will receive a portrait, and some people will not want one. I guarantee 60 guest illustrations, with a portion completed after the wedding. Think of it as live entertainment for your event, some guests will just enjoy watching!
  • What are my options for more guests to receive portraits?
    Option 1: I offer an add-on package to sketch additional guests after the wedding. I mail the portraits directly to you within 10 days of the wedding, so you can send them with your thank you notes. Please send me an e-mail for a quote with your estimated guest total!​ ​ Option 2: You can add an additional hour to my time for $500, and I guarantee 70 completed guest portraits.
  • How long do you stay?
    4 hours exclusive of setup 30 min prior to requested start time. For example, if your reception starts at 7:00 PM, I arrive by 6:30 PM and pack up at 11:00 PM.
  • What do the portraits look like?
    I illustrate with markers and colored pencils on a heavyweight cardstock paper that is 6" x 9". All portraits are inserted in a protective plastic sheet before they are handed to the guests. The header is personalized with the celebrants' names and wedding date. For a full portfolio of my artwork and style, click here.
  • What do you need for setup?
    A 6 foot table with 2 chairs (for me and my assistant), which I can bring with me, but if you want a cohesive look with your theme/decor, we can coordinate with your venue prior to the event.
  • Do you sketch the newlywed couple?
    I provide the newly married couple with a more detailed, enhanced sketch after the wedding. This will be mailed to your address!
  • Do you travel?
    I am based on Long Island, NY and I do travel! ​ For Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut locations, there is a mileage fee (based on driving distance from Rockville Centre, NY) ​ There is no travel fee for the 5 boroughs. ​ Travel fees TBD for farther locations. Send me an e-mail to chat :)
  • How much does this cost?
    $2000 (+8.625% NYS sales tax) per 4 hour event with 50% non-refundable deposit. Your deposit and signed contract must be received within one week of booking in order to secure your event date. The balance is to be paid on the event day.
  • Wait, I still have more questions!
    Please e-mail me at or send me a DM on instagram @devine.brides :)
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