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Behind Devine Brides

I (Erin Devine Natter) launched Devine Brides in October of 2017. After a lifelong passion of fashion illustration expanded beyond the walls of a hobby, I discovered a niche for my vision.  With a degree in fashion design from F.I.T. and while currently building my career in the NYC fashion industry, I am able to bring this dream to life.  So what exactly is Devine Brides?  Whether it's giving the perfect gift at a bridal shower or creating your own personal way to remember that special day... a wedding dress sketch is a one of a kind novelty to cherish forever.    

My Philosophy

For me, it goes way beyond illustrating an accurate portrayal of a dress.  It's that "OMG. It's absolutely perfect!" moment and that "I'm so happy I could cry!" that fuels my passion for this whole idea. My goal is to merge my artistic perspective with the visions of the bride herself, and tell her story through her eyes, while creating a unique, personal way to remember her wedding day.

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